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Good Old Furniture Available

About us


What is GOFA?


GOFA stands for Good Old Furniture Available. We are a non-profit making charity that recycles unwanted household/garage items and distributes them into the wider community around West Cornwall.


Who is it for?


  • Anyone on benefits, low income, people with mental health difficulties and the vulnerable.

  • GOFA helps people of all ages from 16+.

  • GOFA has links with Live West housing, YMCA, Konnect Cornwall, Women’s Aid Pz, Social Services, local NHS Hospitals and various community-based organisations that require our support.


What are the benefits?


  • GOFA seeks to invest in a person or a family and help bring a sense of worth into their lives by supporting them with GOOD quality items. This in-turn builds their self-esteem and promotes a positive impact not only to them but to those around them.

  • GOFA also helps the environment by reducing what is taken to landfill sites and educates people about recycling.





GOFA depends entirely on donations of good quality furniture and white goods from the public


What can I donate?


GOFA accepts most everyday household items from saucepans and cutlery to white goods, furniture and beds. We can also collect most outdoor potted plants, garage machinery/tools as well as outdoor furniture.

Please call us first as we need to see items before we can decide if we can use them.

GOFA Does NOT take modern furniture without a fire label, clothes, sanitary furnishings, certain types of crockery, toddler toys/games, certain toddler beds, child car seats…. again, please contact GOFA if you are not sure.


Can I Gift Aid my donation?


Yes please, if you are a UK tax payer please let GOFA know when you donate as this will help our charity.


Financial Donations can also be accepted via BACS, details as follows:


Account Name:  Good Old Furniture Available

Account Number:  00013251

Sort Code:  40-52-40



Does GOFA collect/deliver?


Yes, we can collect and deliver items. If you are able to bring the items into our warehouse, that would help us very much but please call us first to make sure we can use them.



What area does GOFA cover?


Please see the illustration below, but note this is a guide only. If you are unsure, please call GOFA as we may be able to help you.



Do you need volunteers?


Yes, GOFA relies on our volunteers to either drive, collect, lift furniture, repair/paint furniture, clean items. There’s always lots to do at GOFA, so if you can spare a couple of hours a week, please contact GOFA.

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